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How do I hire a Motorhome?
How can I ask specific questions about a motorhome?
What if I have a general question regarding motorhome hire?
What is included in the cost?
How do I make payment for the motorhome hire?
When is the balance payable?
Are there any other charges applicable to my hire?
How long can I hire?
Where do I collect the motorhome from?
What time do I pick up the motorhome, and when is it returned?
How many can travel in a motorhome?
What about seatbelts. Must they be used?
Do I require child seats for my children?
How long should I expect the handover to take?
Can I smoke or take pets?
How much is the excess insurance?
If I return the motorhome early, will there be a refund?
Is gas supplied with the motorhome?
What will happen to the excess insurance amount if there is any damage?
When should I report any damage to the hire insurance company?
Who can drive a motorhome? What about non-UK drivers?
I have endorsements on my licence?
Are their any issues regarding occupation?
What about multiple drivers?

Cancellation Policy


Why should I sign up with Motorhome-City?
Is my motorhome at risk?
Can you guarantee the earnings quoted?
I only wish to rent out my motorhome for certain periods?
How do I add my Motorhome to your Website?
Can I change any of the features of my motorhome on your website?
How do I access my unique space on Motorhome-City?
What do I do before, during and after a Hire?
How do I cancel from Motorhome-City?


Why should I sell with Motorhome-City?


Why should I purchase with Motorhome-City?