How long should I expect the handover to take?

The handover will always encompass an identification/security check (including production by hirer of required identity documents) and the completion of the Contract of Hire Document between the Hirer and the Owner (Terms and Conditions of Hire document). Once completed, the owner or representative will take between 35 – 55 minutes to show the hirer around the vehicle. This is very important as it will encompass the use of all services and equipment within the motorhome as well as all of the intricacies of driving, using and hooking-up the motorhome, water fill-up points, toilet and waste water disposal. You should always include this time in your intinerary or you will not have a clue how to use your hired motorhome. Almost all owners will not allow hirers to use their motorhome if they have not had this introduction tour of the motorhome.

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