Can I smoke or take pets?

This will always be indicated in the main template of the motorhome selected. Generally smoking is not permitted, as it leaves an odour, staining is left over time, and it can lead to an overall deterioration in the interior of a motorhome that can cause significant devaluation of the vehicle.


In addition, we are all now well aware of the dangers of passive or third-hand smoke, and all subsequent hirers to a smoker are at a degree of risk or discomfort. There are severe penalties for any evidence of smoking left by any hirer or their party (see penalties). Please do not smoke in non-smoking vehicles for the serious reasons provided here.


Regarding pets: They will only be permitted at an owner’s discretion. Please remember that some people have allergies to animals, and subsequent hirers may be affected by a pet having been in a motorhome. In other instances, most pets shed hairs and they go everywhere in such a confined space as a motorhome. The least trivial reason is that pets tend not to wipe their feet when entering a motorhome and can bring in all sorts of material that they have been walking in… Again, severe penalties are imposed for these reasons against anyone contravening the owner’s explicit rules in this matter.

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