Can you guarantee the earnings quoted?


We will always provide you with the weekly or daily earnings shown on our website/Owners Earning Table for all bookings received.


If you own a 3 year old 6-berth motorhome (for example), you will always receive £520 per week from its hire.


Different areas of the UK are more popular than others, but we will promote and market your motorhome extensively to ensure that you receive the higest returns with Motorhome City.


We cannot provide guarantees regarding yearly earnings as this will depend on the type/age and condition of your motorhome together with its availability, location and hire price.


The one thing that we can state for certain is that most of our Owners are highly satisfied with the returns generated by Motorhome City and they stay with us year after year.


Some of our owners have earned in excess of £10,000 per year and many others earn between £5 - £6,000 on an annual basis, depending on personal useage.


It will always depend on your motorhome (age, value, condition and extras offered), as Hirers are very selective, but if it is the right price for age and year (including extras that will cost you little, such as outdoor tables and seats), then you will make a great return on your motorhome.


Our most enquired about motormome in 2010 was a 15 year old Hymer - classified as a "C" Class in Oxfordshire. The Owner was seriously overbooked and he started the year as "D "classification, but after discussion of the amount of enquiries, he  increased his classification to C Class and made more money.


In 2011, our top earner made over £11,000 by renting out his motorhome (he is located in Edinburgh).


Hirers will always seek out the best value for their holidays / vacations, and we have the means to Present your Motorhome (to show its age and value with our classification system) to hirers, and there are many hirers out there seeking value for money motorhomes and campervans for hire.


We offer Owners the BEST rental returns for the hire of their Motorhomes or Campervans.


View the Owners Rental Table and Motorhome Classification Table for FULL information.


We discuss enquirers statistics with all of our Owners and suggest changes where appropriate. We are always just a phone call away (at local rate numbers).


To Join us, simply complete the Form on thje Earn Page  on and start earning serious money.