Is my motorhome at risk?


As you will have read, we have processes in place that will FULLY protect your investment in a motorhome.


Firstly, it is protected when on hire by Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Hire Insurance provided by a leading UK insurance company. (There is a statutory £1,000 excess on the hire insurance policy and this is well covered by our Security Deposit process).


Secondly, we take a substantial Security Deposit of £1,100 from every Hirer two weeks before they arrive to pick up your motorhome. This money is always processed as cash, and will leave the hirers bank account or credit card for the duration of the hire period. We do not take card swipes or hold cheques, but ensure that we are holding onto their cash for the duration of the hire. This ensures that in the event of any accident or damage to your motorhome, the vehicle insurance excess is always covered, and the cost for any minor damage can be retained from this deposit. The Security Deposit ensures that hirers take care of your motorhome while out on hire or they will pay for any damage caused that is not applicable to the insurance policy (when it is below the excess amount).


In addition to the above, we have penalties for potential mishaps (contained in our standard Contract of Hire document that include the following:


3.        Penalties: I will be liable for the following penalties due to the hiring of the vehicle recorded herein, when applicable to my period of hire of the vehicle: (a) Cleaning Fee (up to £150.00) will apply if the vehicle is not returned with the interior/exterior in a “normal used condition” (Note: ‘normal used condition’ is defined as ‘any condition that will normally require only two hours cleaning for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle”).  For every hour, and part of an hour required for any additional cleaning time required to bring the vehicle up to the condition that it was hired out, then a charge of £25 per hour will be chargeable to the hirer (to a maximum of 5 hours). Invoices will not apply to this penalty. (b) Toilets: A penalty of £50.00 will be charged if the toilet and waste water tank are not emptied prior to the return of the vehicle. (c) Smokers: Any evidence of any smoking within the interior of the vehicle on its return to base (including owners sence of smell – regardless of physical evidence), will attract a penalty of £100. (d) Pets. They will be subject to any additional cleaning costs outlined in (a) above to a maximum of £150. (e) Late return of vehicle: There will be a penalty of £25 per hour or part of an hour, for every hour that the vehicle is returned after 1700 hrs (5pm) on the last day of hire.


As you can see, your motorhome is fully protected when it is out on hire.


When the motorhome goes out on hire, you record any damage to it (both you as Owner and the Hirer will retain a copy of this damage on the Contract of Hire). On its return from hire, if there is ANY damage or evidence of penalties (e.g. smoking), Motorhome City will retain the hire Security Deposit (or an equitable part) until the damage has been repaired to your satisfaction.


Damage will/may occur when your motorhome is out on hire - this is human nature, but our long-standing processes will ensure that everything is put right and you will never be out of pocket as a result of your decision to make money from the hire of your motorhome.


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