Why should I sign up with Motorhome City?


Firstly, we will provide you with the best rental return possible for your motorhome, campervan, mobile home or RV regardless of age and this is probably the greatest factor when you are considering making money from your ownership of a motorhome.

Your motorhome or campervan will then be displayed on 2 of the leading motorhome hire websites - Motorhome City (www.motorhome-city.co.uk) and Hirebuddies (www.hirebuddies.co.uk). All Scottish owners will be placed on the leading Scottish motorhome hire website - Freedom Of Scotland Motorhome Hire (www.fosmotorhomehire.co.uk).

In order to see how good these websites are, choose a leading Search Engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing), and type in our major keyword  "motorhome hire", and see where our websites are currently positioned. The higher the placement on the Search Engine Results Pages, the more enquiries and bookings you are likely to receive for your vehicle...


Following this:


We will provide individual support and advice every step of the way.


We will provide you with a level of service that is second to none and we are only a phone call or an email away.


We are the fastest growing network of motorhome owners in the UK.


It costs nothing to join and you can leave anytime you wish.


We take care of everything for you (enquiries, bookings and payment processing) and provide you with all of the documentation required to hire out a motorhome.


We will assist you with any problems encountered, every step of the way..


Our staff have experience of motorhomes and campervans and if we cannot answer any query we have a great support network of professionals who can assist.


We have years of experience of protecting owners motorhomes on hire and can honestly state that no owner has been left out of pocket when they have hired out their motorhome or campervan with Motorhome City.


Every owner currently registered with Motorhome City can vouch for our Service. If you wish we can put you in touch with any of them (simply send us an email and we will arrange communication with any owner).


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