When should I report any damage to the hire insurance company?


Whenever a motorhome goes out on hire, the Hirer will always have a copy of the vehicle hire insurance document. The Hirer of the motorhome and all drivers should read this document before setting off in the motorhome as it outlines the responsibilities of the hirer.


In the event of any emergency (when persons are injured in any accident, or a serious crime has occurred, dial 999 and request the appropriate assistance (Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard). 


In the event of any accident, loss, damage or theft (whether on a road or anywhere else - private land and including campsites), you should obtain the names and addresses of all witnesses and first,contact the local police and report the circumstances and obtain a crime reference number and the name of the officer who you reported these matters to, and following this, and as soon as practicable,  inform the Hire Insurance Company of the event.


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