How do I access my unique space on Motorhome City?



All you have to do is go to the HOME Page – the first page on a website (Home Page).


Click on the button "Owners Control Panel" (on the left hand side of the page).



What do I do before, during and after a Hire?


Your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. You should prepare your motorhome for hire. Clean both the inside and outside of the motorhome, including all dishes, cutlery, plates, pots and pans. Have everything spick and span. There is nothing worse for a hirer to hire your motorhome and find greasy spoons etc.
  2. Complete a security check. Obtain 3 documents that show the identity of the hirer. The first document should be a passport or Driving Licence. The other two documents should be normal utility bills or bank documents. If the Hirer is leaving a vehicle at or near your location, you can take the vehicle to be a third identity document (the newer the better). Old vehicles – then go for all 3 identity documents. Record them all on the back of the Terms and Conditions document (downloadable from this website).
  3. Undertake the “induction” tour of your vehicle. This normally takes 40 – 60 minutes. You know your motorhome better than any person, and you should show hirers everything that they should know to operate the motorhome on their own. Show them the electric, water and heating systems, the bed layouts, TV and DVD operation together with all extras. Show them where everything is stored. Outside, show them where the water input and waste water outputs are, toilet emptying, where the fuel goes etc. The more that you show them the less likely they will be to contact you for further instructions.
  4. Have the hirer sign a complete Terms and Conditions Form. This is the main contract of hire document between you and the hirer and protects your investment. Never miss this step out. Have a supply of T&C documents available well before any hire in case your printer packs up or any other unforeseen event. This form will include a damage section, where all existing damage on the motorhome is noted and signed for by the owner and hirer. It will also record the fuel state (whatever the fuel is at the start of the hire, then it should be returned in the same manner). It also records the initial vehicle mileage, for reference on return. Provide the hirer with the top copy of the Terms and Conditions document, so that all parties have an accurate account of the state of the vehicle at the start of the hire.
  5. Provide your hirer with your home and mobile telephone number. They may phone you for a simple query, or something that only you can answer.
  6. On return from hire, check your vehicle thoroughly for any damage or problems with the vehicle. It is always best to do this with the hirer present so that you can agree any damage caused.
  7. If you discover any damage after the hire, when the hirer has departed, then record exactly what the damage consists of. Photograph it, if you have a digital camera and pass this info to the last hirer. We will assist in pursuing all damage claims on behalf of owners.
  8. If you discover damage after an extended period, then you must be in a solid (100%) position to prove who caused the original damage. This shows that you should always check your vehicle on return from hire, and agree or point out any damage to the hirer. If subsequent damage is detected (we detected damage to the underside waste disposal waste pipe several weeks after a motorhome was on hire), then you should document and photograph the damage and notify the last hirer. If it can be 100% proved that the last hirer caused the damage then this can be pursued by legal means. Costs will always be met by the owner for such action. If the damage is shown to the last hirer, then resolution can be negotiated to mutual satisfaction, but this will always depend on the individual circumstances. Always check the vehicle thoroughly on return from hire is the mantra here.
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