What will happen to the excess insurance amount if there is any damage?


If damage occurs when a motorhome is on hire, then on completion of the hire Motorhome City will retain the excess insurance/damage deposit amount of the hire, to the sum of £1000. 


The Owner will then obtain estimates to have the damage repaired. Once these estimates have been obtained (including fitting/repair/mechanics fee’s, as well as all applicable VAT and associated costs incurred by the owner or their representatives) then the remaining sum can be returned to the hirer.


Repairs will be carried out only when it is convenient to the owner of the motorhome (e.g. for a small dent, it may not be practical to have the repair carried out immediately, and a small repair can be put off until the owner has a quiet period in which to undertake repairs).For more serious damage/repairs, then the deposit will be witheld until all repairs are completed to a good standard.


For more serious damage, the Hirer will always be responsible for the full amount of the excess insurance charge regardless of blame. If blame is attached to a third party, then it is the responsibility of the Hirer to take any action that is necessary to recoup funds. The Hire Insurance Company may assist in these matters. 


Motorhome City staff will engage with the Owner and our motorhome hire insurance company to effect repairs and will provide information to the Hirer.


The Hirers damage deposit/excess insurance deposit will always be with-held to the Hirer until repairs are complete.


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