Hire your motorhome and make serious money, even when you do not have the time.

If you have ever considered hiring out your motorhome or campervan to make money from it, but do not have the time, then please read on.

Your motorhome or campervan is a considerable cost issue, as they are so expensive to buy and maintain for limited use.

Most purchasers use their vehicle extensively in the first 2 years, then this usage drops off considerably, and it tends to sit in driveways and off-road areas, for the odd and infrequent venture out, getting less and less, year upon year.

Make money from your Asset, when you are not using it (Motorhome or Campervan for Hire).

Note: Many owners of large Ocean Going Super Yachts do the same. They use them for their personal use, and then make them available for use by others, subject to stringent comprehensive insurance policies and stringent and absolute Security Deposits that they know will protect their investment.

Why use an expensive asset for a short period of time, when you can hire it out and make money towards its upkeep (and more), while it is fully protected by both comprehensive insurance hire policies, and very high security deposits.

At Motorhome City, as a Booking Agency, we advertise your motorhome or campervan for hire to the wider public, so that you can make a substantial income from the use of your expensive motorhome or campervan (when you are not using it for your own purposes).

We seriously protect the vehicle by many means (see: http://www.motorhome-city.co.uk/earn.htm) and in our 10 years of operation, we have never let an owner down.

In addition to our Hire Motorhome or Campervan services, we offer a specialised service for owners of motorhomes and campervans, who wish to make money from the hire of your vehicle, but do not have the time.

We offer a Partnership Service, whereby you leave your motorhome or campervan for hire purposes at our location in Central Scotland.

We will advertise and take bookings for the hire of your motorhome or campervan.

We will take care of the vehicle by recording every small defect, down to the smallest scratch on the exterior of the vehicle, and record it ojn the Contract of Hire.

As Hirers are required to pay a deposit of £1100 for each and every hire, and that the Comprehensive Hire Insurance is applicable at £1000, your vehicle is fully protected from damage while on hire.

On the return of your vehicle from hire we will prepare it for its next hire, have it spruced up, prepare fresh bed linen, and check all necessary component (oil, water, tyres etc.), washthe outside and fully prepare the inside.

We will operate your vehicle for a season from our base in Central Scotland. This is one of the best areas in which to obtain the maximum number of hires per season.

We split the operational proceeds 52/48% in your favour.

You do nothing, but arrange for us to pick up your vehicle.

Owners can earn upto £520 per week for the hire of their motorhome or campervan in Peak Season.

You will earn approx 52% of this figure, or £270 per week from the hire of your motorhome or campervan, without lifting a finger (or over £1,000 per month).

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our dedicated webpage at http://www.motorhome-city.co.uk/partnership.htm, or contact us on 0845 527 3572 for more information.

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