Motorhome Hire and Campervan Rental in Scotland

Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire ( offers customers a wide variety of over 80 privately owned motorhomes and campervans, in which to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing holiday or vacation around Scotland in a hired motorhome.

Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire is now a subsiduary company, part of the Motorhome Hire Network, that includes other motorhome hire booking agencies such as Motorhome City ( and Hirebuddies (

By becoming part of a much larger network, we share the rigerous conditions imposed by the Parent Company (regarding legality, safety and cleanliness of vehicles).

In addition, we retain our independent impartiality, and offer motorhome hire customers the best of both worlds including our 24/7 hotline and advice centre.

We will deal with your concerns 24/7, whether it be a gas bottle out of gas (we will contact the nearest supplier to have a new bottle delivered asap - or as soon as they can arrange), for any vehicle failure, we will contact the nearest mobile provider and have them meet with you at a suitable location to have the problem identified and remedied (e.g. hot water failure, gas hob out, window hinge not closing properly, etc.).

We retain a list of our specialist companies who can attend your location, to repair failures in any motorhome hire vehicle.

If the repair or failure cannot be undertaken “on site” we will organise Garage Facilities that can remedy the situation.

If you are inconvenienced by any failure, we will recompense you for any trouble undertaken.

Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire, will always go out of their way to resolve any situation and provide resolution to any issues that crop up during the motorhome hire or campervan rental of any of our hired vehicles.

We have been in operation since 2006, and have a very high success rate in resolving any issues that may occur.

Book your holiday or vacation in Scotland in one of our Hired Motorhomes or Hired Campervans.

If you have a back-up company behind you, it will limit any problems that you may encounter in your motorhome hire travels.

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