Best UK Motorhome Hire Company

Motorhome City is an innovator in the UK Motorhome Hire market.

We are a booking agent for private motorhome and campervan owners to reach the customer market.

We split our motorhomes and campervans into 4 distinct rental areas based on the age of the vehicle, and sell them depending on season, see this link:

Since we introduced our 4 point age based categories, almost all other similar companies have reluctantly reduced their (extortionate) charges (for hire), to similar fees, but have amended their “add-ons” to obtain their fees.

At Motorhome City, we create. We introduced the current model of business. We charge a fee based upon age and berth size. We publish all rates and fees on our website.

You do not pay further than website (and email) rates, all extracted from the fully updated website.

We offer no VAT in 2015

Low initial deposit of £200 (split over 2 months if you wish).

UK Motorhome Hire at its best.

If you wish to incluide Scotland, then visit

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