Motorhome and campervan hire in Scotland is on the increase and this region is now the most profitable area in the UK.

Every Motorhome and Campervan available for hire in Scotland is normally fully booked for the main summer season (July and August) and between April and September there continues to be a high demand for Motorhome and Campervan rental, so you can expect additional income.

The Motorhome Hire Partnership (affiliated to MHN) will operate your Motorhome or Campervan on your behalf.

Owners can expect earning returns in the region of £3,000 - £5,000 per year.

The vehicle will be operated from our base in Scotland, as this is still the most profitable area in the UK (for motorhome/campervan hire).

We will arrange for it to be delivered to our base in Scotland and will provide owners with the following:


Our Services

1.      We will deal with all enquiries, secure hire bookings, process payments and security deposits.
(Please Note: The demand for hire Motorhomes and Campervans is extremly high in Scotland for a higher percentage of the main hire seasons).

2.      Prepare the vehicle for hire, cleaning inside and out, inventory and equipment checks, provide fresh towels and bedding (when requested).

3.      Conduct the handover with the hirer, explain how to properly operate all equipment, advise hirer regarding safety issues and ensure Contract of Hire is complete.

4.      Deal with all issues arising whilst the vehicle is on hire (breakdowns, equipment failures, punctures and general questions).

5.      Thoroughly inspect the vehicle on return and deal with any issues regarding damage or misuse.

6.      We will provide safe and secure storage for your vehicle, when it is not on hire.


Owners Responsibilities

1.      You will be responsible for the normal upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle including, road tax, vehicle insurance, Gas Safety Certificate, servicing, MOT and normal breakdown cover.

2.      Equipment and vehicle failures not associated with the hire or hire insurance.

3.      Storage costs for the vehicle while not on hire (£5 per week).

4.      Transportation costs.  We will provide a suitably qualified driver to drive the vehicle to our location in Scotland.  Owner will pay all fuel costs to deliver vehicle to Scotland and £100 to cover drivers travel expenses.



We operate a 52/48% split of hire returns based upon  the MHN Owners Earning Table, with owners receiving 52% of the Hire Charge for the categorisation of vehicle (minus the deduction of the Booking Agency fee and fixed hire insurance charges).


e.g. a 6 berth Motorhome under 4 years of age will earn £520 per week in High Season, the owner will receive £270 per week during this season.

All vehicles will be registered solely with MHN where bookings will be obtained. (A lot of hirers request a suitable vehicle for their holiday in Scotland, and we are ideally situated (with over 30,000 visitors per month) to obtain maximun bookings for your vehicle).

Owners can obtain additional income for any extras supplied with the vehicle i.e., sat nav, generators etc.

Bedding charges will be retained by MHP to cover laundry costs.

All transfer charges will be retained by MHP to cover associated costs.


If you are interested in hiring with us and would like more information of this service, please contact [email protected] or telephone 0845 527 3572.