Motorhome Hire in the UK in a Privately Owned Motorhome or Campervan

If you are seeking your ideal “Villa” in the sun, you will seek out websites that display a number of privately owned villas, that are made available at certain periods of the year, for hire.

By seeking out the “privately owned” sector, you may be seeking a Villa that the current owners are not using for a period of time, and that has all of the required necessities such as outdoor furniture, indoor equipment (toasters, pots, pans, tableware etc), that you can use for your holiday.

You get the best of many worlds with the “privately owned” option, such as well looked after properties, fully fitted with all required gadgetry and basics, lovingly looked after, and offered for hire to a discerning audience, who may appreciate the pluses of such an arrangement, but on the opposite side of the fence, we must protect these properties from unwanted damage or depreciation due to any hire.

As a Motorhome and Campervan Hire Booking Agent, we offer some of the best motorhomes and campervans in the Country, but have installed certail levels of protection to the Motorhome and Campervan Owners.

We have comprehensive vehicle insurance on every vehicle available for hire.

The Excess on each policy is £1,000. To alleviate this financial burden, we advise Hirers to look at “Hire Excess Insurance Websites”, who on average will sell you an insurance product (worth £1000) for a fee between £9 - £30 per week.

Hirers are always advised of such websites, and it is at their discretion whether they take advantage of the business on offer.

We must always obtain a high excess sum to ensure that Hirers take the appropriate responsibility when hiring a high value vehicle.

If we lowered the Hire Insurance Excess Charge(HIEC), we would lower the threshold upon which Hirers have a direct responsibility to the vehicle hired.

The lowered HIEC would increase our costs for Hire Insurance, and simultaneously lower the threshold for responsible vehicle care.

This would not be a good business model for our Owners.

We maintain a High Excess Figure (currently £1200) in order to suggest Responsibilities to Hirers responsible for the Hired Motorhome that they are using.

We protect our Owners investment by;

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance (very expensive for hire purposes)
High Excess Values; to make all/most Hirers responsible for the high value vehicle that they are in).

We advise all Motorhome Hirers that they can obtain Hire Vehicle Excess Insurance quotations from a variety of websites.

We also advise all Owners, that we will protect their high value vehicle with a number of strategies including comprehensive insurance and high insurance excess fees amongst them.

In the end, privately owned motorhomes or campervans are the Best Value options for Hirers.

They are not part of a fleet (or fleet policy).

They are all fully individual, maintained to a high standard, and are part of the family. They have many extras in their inventory.

As a Booking Agency, we have a dual responsibility to both the Owner and Hirer for any given period.

We aim to return the vehicle to the Owner in the condition that it was hired, and to the Hirer, if you have caused any damage whatsoever, we will charge you for any repairs that may be required.

To the Hirer, we offer to market a high-spec motorhome/campervan, to the highest of standards, loved by its owners, and that you cannot source elsewhere.

Each vehicle is unique (to its owners - akin to Privately Owned Villa Holidays).

Enjoy our vehicles.

They are unique to the market.

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