Motorhome Hire at Glasgow Airport

Motorhome Hire at Glasgow Airport.

Motorhome City ( and Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire ( are both Booking Agents for private owners of motorhomes and campervans, who allow their vehicles to be hired for certain periods in a year.

With a privately owned motorhome or campervan, you receive pristine vehicle that is owned by a single person (or couple), who take great care of their vehicle and usually have it filled with all of the things that you require for a great motorhome hire holiday or vacation.

Motorhome City and FOS Motorhome Hire have a number of vehicles (at time of writing, in excess of 30 vehicles) located around Glasgow.

On our websites, each vehicle owner will input the information regarding their vehicle, and how much they will charge, to drive to Glasgow Airport to pick up Hirers.

We suggest charging £1.00 per mile, so if an owner is 15 miles away, the return charge will be £30 (I know the maths are basic, but true…)..

This is less than most Taxi Fares to and from the airport (Please remember that airport Taxis charge the highest prices).

Owners will pick you up at the Arrivals Gate, and take you to a quite location for the Handover which normally takes about an hour.

So, for quick and easy motorhome hire or campervan hire from Glasgow Airport, contact the Professionals, Motorhome City or Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire.

Enjoy your holiday with us in 2015.

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