Visit the Historic Sites of Scotland in a Hire Motorhome or Campervan

Scotland is a small Country that measures about 450 miles from Top to bottom, and is about 150 miles wide at its widest point.

It is crammed full of every type of history that you wish to see, from ancient castles, historic battlefields, many monuments to famous people and its history.

The best way to get around Scotland is in a Hired Motorhome or you could hire a campervan if your party is small. Alternatively you will have to pre book hotels and Guest Houses (difficult in High Season) and hire a car to get about, or slave over the bus and train timetables.

Hire a motorhome and enjoy getting up every morning and travelling to your next destination in comfort, and without the hassle of the train and bus services.

The Best Places to Visit are:

1. The Castles. Top of the list is Edinburgh Castle with the highest visitor numbers in Scotland, then there is Stirling Castle, and then there are literally hundreds of others. Top of my list is Dunvegan Castle up near Skye and Dunure Castle, a ruin of a place but still relatively intact, just south of Ayr on the West Coast. See

2. Battle Sites. Top of any list will be Bannockburn and Culloden, where Scottish Victories were achieved many moons ago.

3. Stately Homes. Again there are dozens to choose from, see for more information.

4. The Scenery, the Highlands, Hills, Mountains and Islands. Wikileaks report that in 2011, there were over 94 populated islands, and there are hundreds more that are uninhabited. See

My own favourite places in Scotland are the Isle of Skye (simply stunning) and Seil Island (just south of Oban on the West Coast).

Just get in your hired motorhome or campervan and travel to as many or as few places that you wish during your stay.

You will not be disappointed.

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