The Motorhome Hire Network Ltd - Information.

In March 2011, the following companies joined forces to become one of the UK’s leading Motorhome and Campervan Hire Companies:

Motorhome City | Choose from a wide variety of motorhomes and campervans (both private and trade) located throughout the UK.


Hirebuddies (

Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire (

They will now operate under the Group Title of the Motorhome Hire Network.

This group of companies will promote over 180 different motorhomes for hire, to the UK and International travel markets.

They have several Unique selling points to Hirers of motorhomes and campervans:

1. All of the information that Hirers require to make an informed choice of motorhome or campervan hire or rental will be displayed on each motorhome webpage (including Price, Availability (via each motorhome’s availability calendar), up to 6 Pictures of the motorhome, Standard and Detailed information of the motorhome or campervan, any Extras supplied and detailed charges for bedding/delivery and pick-up etc.

2. Hirers can MAKE ENQUIRIES of any motorhome, or BOOK ONLINE.

3. We have 4 different price bands from which to choose (based upon Age/Value/Condition and Extras supplied with the motorhome or campervan), so we have both LUXURY and CHEAP hire and rentals available to choose from our expanding fleet of motorhomes and campervans.

The Motorhome Hire Network of companies is now one of the leading operators in the UK and is able to provide a wide range of motorhomes and campervans to Hirers, at locations across the United Kingdom, at PRICES TO SUIT EVERY POCKET.

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