Freedom by Motorhome.

Clew Bay, Ireland.

Grace O’Malley, the Petticoat Pirate.

Sailing home from trade with Spain.

An English vessel in the rain.

Attacked and boarded the single-masted ship.

Could this be the end to their Spanish trading trip.

Grace was then just twelve years old.

But she was brave and she was bold.

Leaping from the rigging and joining in the fray.

The petticoated pirate chased the Englishmen away.

With full sail billowing with satisfied pleasure.

A cargo of silk and silver Spanish treasures.

With the sun going down at the end of the day.

The little ship anchored in lovely Clew Bay.

Joe Sharp

Freedom; Hiring a motorhome offers you the freedom to explore, be it England

Scotland Wales or the whole of Ireland.

To stop off anywhere you like along the way. Visit all of the main tourist destinations in your motorhome.

The Caledonian Forest, Scotland.

Travel along the ‘B’ routes and open up a whole new experience. There’s no rush when you hire a holiday motorhome. Go at your own pace or plan your travel to strict timetables. You may go wherever the wind blows you. It’s entirely up to you.

Llyn Y Gabair, Wales.

Enter the keywords ‘Wild Camping’ into Google. You’ll find a variety of places where others have stopped off. Freedom is the choice to do as you wish wherever and whenever you wish. Motorhome City offers a variety of motorhomes to suit your needs.

The river Thames, Oxford, England.

We have motorhomes available to hire from all over the UK, most of our motorhomes are privately owned. The Owners write their own description of their motorhome. You will see how they all vary; even similar models will be different.

Read the owners’ description on each vehicle, then decide if it is the model for you.

Yorkshire Dales.

Approaching Bowness, Windermere.

Joe Sharp.

Perhaps you would enjoy reading the adventures of Francie and Josie.

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