Fix the Foxes, Angus.

All roads lead to Ullapool.


With mountains and lochs surrounding the village, Ullapool has some of the best unspoilt scenery in the world. The town grew up around a herring fishing community in the 18th century.

Loch Broom.

Alongside Loch Broom the port is still the centre of town. Ferries sail to the Outer Hebrides from Ullapool. A variety of festivals are held during the year. The Loopallu music festival has now become a firm fixture. It is held in September with fringe shows.

Quick on its heels in early October is the Ullapool Guitar Festival.

Ferry off Ullapool, heading to Stornoway.

The Summer Isles from Ullapool.

From Ullapool take a leisurely afternoon sail out to the Summer Isles aboard the ‘Summer Queen,’ or a faster trip on the ‘Centaur.’

The Motorhomers are in the Ferry Inn having a couple of pints of beer;

‘Well here we are in Ullapool, Francie, but I have a word of warnin’ for ye,’ said Josie. ‘Watch whit ye’re sayin’, they don’t speak English here, only the Gaelic, but they can lip-read Glaswegian, so watch out, Francie,’ he said.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ said Francie.

The barman was in conversation with Angus Macdonald the local councillor;

‘Whit are ye gonnae dae aboot the Foxes, Angus, they’re a right pest?’ asked the barman.

‘I’ll bring it up at the next cooncil meetin’, the councillor said.

‘While ye’re at it, Angus, see if ye can dae somethin’ aboot the Ramsays, as well,’ said the barman.

Joe Sharp.

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