MV Pentalina.

Take Motorhome to Orkney.

Kirkwall Basin.

In 1850 a great storm pounded the shore of the Bay of Skaill on Orkney, uncovering the buildings of a Neolithic settlement, thought to be dating back to around 3000 BC. Excavations of the site at Skara Brae have been carried out since 1927.

Skara Brae.

The occupants were farmers, breeding cows, sheep and growing cereals. They were skilled craftsmen, working bone and stone, and making pottery; many of the tools, weapons and vessels were richly decorated. Coastal erosion now threatens Skara Brae. Evidence seems to indicate that the village’s occupants left in a hurry, perhaps fleeing a similar storm.

The Italian Chapel.

The Chapel on the island of Lamb Holm. In 1942 some 550 Italian prisoners of war were taken to the island. They were put to work building the Churchill Barriers, four causeways to block access to Scapa Flow. In 1943, father Giacombazzi, the Camp’s priest agreed that a place of worship was required. Two Nissen huts were joined together to form a makeshift chapel. The prisoners, under the leadership Domenico Chiocchetti, transformed the huts into a work of beauty.

Joe Sharp.

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