Tossin’ the Caber.

Inverarnan Loch Long.

Jeff Crouch.

The gathering of the Clans.

The village of Ceres, in the kingdom of Fife, claims to have held the oldest Gathering. This was after the battle of Bannockburn in 1314, when the villagers were granted a day of celebration to mark the safe return of the village’s bowmen.

The first Gathering at Braemar was held in the 11th century. King Malcolm Canmore arranged a foot race up Craig Connich near to the village. He used this as a means of selecting a new courier.

In September 1848, Queen Victoria attended a Gathering at Braemar. This started the royal tradition of attendance at Braemar which continues to this day.

If you’ve ever wanted to attend one of the Highland Games in Scotland, the Braemar Gathering would be an excellent choice, with a history that dates back at least 900 years. The popularity of this ancient Highland festival is clearly reflected in its continued existence and support.

The gallus Glaswegians are attending at Braemar. Francie appears bemused and bewildered at the events unfolding before his eyes;

‘Josie, can ye tell me, why are yon big hairy muscley guys throwin’ trees at yin anither?’ he asked.

‘Francie, they’re no’ throwin’ trees at yin anither, they’re tossin’ the caber. I thought that even ye would know that, Francie.’ replied Josie.

‘What does tossin’ the caber mean, Josie?’ Francie insisted.

‘Francie, ye know when ye were a wee wean, an’ ye got angry, an’ ye tossed yer dummie oot o’ the pram, yer mammie would say that ye were throwin’ a tantrum?’ asked Josie.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ said Francie.

‘Well, Francie, yon big hairy muscley guys are angry wi’ yin another, but they’re too auld tae toss their dummies oot o’ the pram, so they’re throwin’ trees at yin another. Does that answer yer question, Francie?’ Josie asked.

‘Naw, no’ really, Josie, first ye said that they were tossin’ the caber. Noo ye’re sayin’ that they’re throwin’ trees at yin another. That’s what I said in the first place, Josie,’ said Francie.

‘Francie, would ye go an’ bile yer heid?’ enquired Josie.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ Francie answered.

The Island of Jura.

Joe Sharp.

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