The Five Sisters of Kintail.

Morvich is an excellent spot for hill walkers and ‘Munro Baggers‘ and is close to great walking routes. One of the best is the Five Sisters, a trek that will take between eight and 10 hours.

Legend has it that a local chief had seven daughters and two of them were betrothed to two Irish brothers who promised to return with their five brothers who would then marry the remaining five sisters.

To preserve their beauty while they waited a witch doctor from Kintail, turned the five remaining sisters into the five beautiful mountains we call, ‘The Five Sisters.’

One of the girls although beautiful, was a little on the plump side.

The brothers never returned so the girls couldn’t be transformed back.

Glen Affric

Comment; For lovers of a happy ending; I have researched the tale and found it to be quite untrue. One brother, Hughie, did in fact return. He had this to say;

‘Ah, beggorah!

Sure I’d like to find a girl so big and fat.

That when you go to hug her.

You don’t know where you’re at.

You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand.

And hug-a-bit and chalk-a-bit.

To see where you began.

One day I was a-hugging and a-chalking and a-begging her to be my bride.

When I met another fellow with some chalk in his hand.

Coming around the other side, over the mountains.

Coming around the other side.’

Joe Sharp.

For the book Francie and Josie, click here.

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