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Motorhome City became operational in 2009 to provide customers with a wide selection of motorhomes for hire, from 2 berth campers through to 8 berth pull-out mega-vans. Our motorhomes are mostly privately owned and are located at the owners’ homes around the UK.

Have a wander around our site at: to see the wide selection of motorhomes available for hire. We offer a simple classification system to differentiate between the motorhomes and campers on offer. You would expect to pay more for a new motorhome than for a 6 or 9 year old model, and conversely, you would expect to pay less for an older model. We classify models up to 3 years of age as ‘A’ class, models up to 6 years of age are ‘B’ class, models up to 9 years of age are ‘C’ class, and everything else is ‘D’ class. Our prices are deliberately kept lower than most motorhome hire companies, and the price advertised is the price that you will pay. Prices will always include the comprehensive hire insurance that is required for all UK and Eurpoean Hires.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

Loch Maree

Our motorhomes are shown by region, and you can select by number of berths required and the classification. Prices are shown as weekly rates and the minimum duration is 5 days hire. To obtain daily rates, simply divide the weekly rate shown by 7.

Each motorhome has its own unique availability calender that will clearly show when the motorhome is available for hire.

At motorhome City we try to make motorhome and campervan hire or rental as easy as possible.

Seil Sound

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