The Isle of Skye

Skye is the largest and best known of the Inner Hebrides. Sometimes referred to as The Misty Isle, it is renowned for its natural beauty history and wildlife, the Cuillin Hills, the Red Hills and Blaven have long been favourites with climbers and walkers

The Quaraing on the Isle of Skye

Kyleakin Harbour

The motorhomers are taking stock of the wonders of Skye. Phemie and Jessie are checking out a small chapel. Phemie had come over all catholic, this happened on occasions when the girls visited such places, Jessie, a protestant, was going through the motions;

‘Jessie,’ Phemie said. ‘I’m gonnae light a candle an’ say a wee prayer for my mammy,’ she said. ‘Then I’m gonnae dae the Stations o’ the Cross,’ she said, feeling a little bit o’ holiness comin’ on.

‘Sure, Phemie, sure, Phemie,’ said Jessie.

After lighting the candle the girls set off. There are fourteen stations to be traversed in a circle, with prayers being said at every one. Phemie had reached number seven when she met big Jessie coming the other way;

‘Jessie,’ said Phemie, ‘ye’re goin’ the wrang way aroon’,’ she told her.

‘Och, Phemie, I wis wonderin’’, Jessie said. ‘I should have noticed that God wis getting younger a’ the time,’ she said .

Highland Cattle

The two would be farmers were discussing much more serious things entirely;

‘Josie, the coos here are a’ yon big, red-hairy, horny, beasts, Josie, why is that?’ Francie asked his pal.

‘Och, Francie, there ye go again wavin’ yer magnetic wand tryin’ tae attract anither wee bit o’ silver frae my treasure chest. Well, Francie, it’s tae dae wi’ their biographical geneticisms, an’ a’ their red corpuscles,’ Josie said.

‘Josie, whit dae a’ yon big long words mean?’ Francie was digging deeper.

‘It’s a’ tae dae wi’ their genes, Francie. Ye see a’ yon big, red-hairy, horny, beasts, Francie,’ Josie said. ‘Well they’re a’ descended frae a’ yon big, red-hairy, horny, Viking beasts, Francie,’ Josie said. ‘Noo ye know how your auntie Agnes got her red-hair, Francie,’ he said. ‘Does that answer yer question for ye, Francie?’ Josie enquired.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ said Francie. ‘But whit aboot her freckles, Josie, where did she get a’ her freckles?’ asked Francie.

‘Och, noo, Francie, freckles an’ fernietickles, that’s another story altogether.’ said Josie.

Joe Sharp.

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