Cheap fares to Arran by Motorhome

The Island of Arran

Cows on beach on the Mull of Kintyre Campsite

Waiting on Ferry to the Isle of Arran

CLAONAIG - LOCHRANZA. Motorhome up to 5m-23.00. 8m-34.50. 10m-46.00.

ARDROSSAN - BRODICK. Motorhome up to 5m-41.70. 8m-62.55. 10m-83.40.

Angela and Jason

‘Alright, Francie, here’s the plan! When the Ferryman comes around for the money, you put on your ‘petted lip’ and tell him that you’re a pensioner. He might let you travel for nothing.’

‘Sure, Josie, sure Josie.’

The guy with the ticket machine arrives;

Francie says;

‘I’m a Pensioner, I don’t pay.’

The guy says;

‘Oh, Is that right old man? I’ll tell you what.’ he says. ‘You’ll pay the Piper.’

Along came the Piper from Portree, in full Highland dress. He looked like he was being strangled by an enormous octopus, with its head under his oxter and the tentacles all around his head. He began to play the bagpipes;

‘Aw, what a blinking racket,’ said Josie. ‘Pay the guy his money, Francie, and climb aboard the Motorhome.’

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie.’

Joe Sharp

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