Ghosting through the Glen by Motorhome

Shieldaig, Torridon

Shieldaig sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty bounded by Loch Torridon, the Torridon Mountains and the Applecross peninsula. It’s simply a Motorhomer’s paradise. 

Duntulm Castle, Skye

There’s a ghost that is said to haunt Duntulm Castle. His name was Shuggie Macdonald the cousin of Donald, the Chief of the McDonalds of Sleat.

The Chief was a man who had many enemies. Shuggie was probably the most deadly as he had long harboured plans to kill Donald. Realising the full gravity of this threat Donald laid siege to Shuggie’s Castle and although the latter was able to escape dressed as a woman he was soon captured by Donald’s men and taken to Duntulm. He was locked up and virtually starved, being fed very poor rations of salt meat and fish.

It’s said that no water was given to him and that he went stark raving mad and died a slow and agonising death from lack of television and total dehydration. Legend has it that in desperation he tried to devour his own hands.

Ever since, Duntulm Castle is said to have been haunted by his painful screams.

The moral of the story is:- Do not bite your fingernails while watching television, you may find that you’ve gone too far.

Joe Sharp

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