Touring in Torridon by Motorhome

Loch Torridon


The town has welcomed Motorhomers for many years. Set on the banks of Lochbroom it looks out to the Summer Islands and the Hebrides. For anyone wishing to tour and camp in the Highlands of Scotland, Ullapool offers a well maintained and serviced Campsite centrally located for many of the most popular Highland destinations and set in an outstanding environment famed for scenery and sunsets alike.


Summertime has been the blossom over
Autumn chill has seen off meadow clover
A circling flock of starlings I can see
Come roosting on the rowan berry tree
I do so yearn for days of early spring

I contemplate the cold October sky
A starlit night with frost descending
I shiver at the moon so bright on high
While deep within a sigh ascending
I do so yearn for days of early spring

Considering the snowy winter scene
The furry squirrel darting on the green
A flurrying of snowflakes in the wake
The icing on my frosted Christmas cake
I do so yearn for days of early spring

Aware of the advancing march of time
Awakening I stretch my limbs and yawn
A serenade of melodies sublime
Blackbirds sing in chorus at the dawn
I do so yearn for days of early spring

With disregard of frequent April showers
I fond regard a feathered friend I made
Flitting to and fro among the bowers
Now perching on the handle of my spade
A fine return for days of early spring

Joe Sharp


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