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Burns’ Cottage Alloway

“There is a purpose of marriage between William Burnes, Bachelor, residing at Alloway, in the Parish of Ayr, and Agnes Brown, Spinster, residing in Maybole, in the Parish of Maybole, of which proclamation is made ..”

When these banns were cried out in the old church, none of the douce Minniebolers in the congregation that day could possibly have known that they were listening to the opening lines of a drama which would take its place in Scottish history. The menfolk in the congregation would as usual, listen to the proclamation without actually hearing it and the bonnets of the goodwives would nod together as much as to say, “Aye, well, she’s got a man at last,” it being common knowledge that Agnes Brown had broken off a seven years engagement with a local ploughman.

Don’t park Motorhome on yellow line, the Blue Meanie will hit you wi’ a fine.

 The Brig O’ Doon

Tam O’ Shanter

O Tam! Had’st thou but been sae wise

As taen thy ain wife Kate’s advice

A blethering blustering drunken blellum

She prophesied that late or soon

Thou wad be found deep drown’d in Doon

Or catch’d wi’ warlocks in the mirk

By Alloway’s auld haunted kirk


Joe Sharp

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