Arles, France.


During the Roman Empire, Arles became an important port and centre of culture.

‘The art of the bull’ comes in two different styles in Arles and the Camargue.

In Arles, the ‘Cocarde d’Or’ in early July, Razeteurs run at the bulls in an effort to snatch ribbons which are tied to the bull’s horns.

The drama and grace of the spectacle is in the stylish way that the men leap over the barriers away from the bull in a competition for prize money.

In this gentler form of ‘baiting-the-bull’ people are rarely injured and the bulls are not killed.

Aigues Mortes.

Aigues Mortes was founded by Louis IX of France in 1241. To avoid attacks from the sea Louis had walls built around the town. This is a splendid town on the edge of the salt marshes in the Camargue Region.

Francois et Joseph.

Park the Motorhome and take a circular walk around the town walls. Allow at least 1 hour for the walk after which you should not miss the chance to browse the tourist shops in the narrow streets of the old town.

Joe Sharp.

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