Visit Baldoon Castle in a Hired Motorhome.

Baldoon Castle.

The ruins have an air of tragedy about them, being haunted by the ghost of Janet Dalrymple, with her white garments splashed with blood. The daughter of Sir James was forced to marry David Dunbar, but Janet loved the penniless Archibald. Worn down by her parents’ persistent objections, Janet married David in the kirk of Old Luce.

There are five versions of the events that gave rise to the haunting:

1) The bride stabs the bridegroom in the bridal chamber and dies insane.

2) The bridegroom stabs the bride and is found to be insane.

3) Archibald, hiding in the bridal chamber, stabs the bridegroom.

4) Sir Walter Scott immortalized the story in ‘The Bride of Lammermoor.’ He describes how when the door of the bridal chamber was broken down, the bridegroom was found lying across the threshold dreadfully wounded. The bride crouched in a chimney corner her white dress soaked with blood. 

5) Tradition says that it was the Devil who murdered the bridegroom. Whatever the events of that night they have left their mark here forever. There are some who claim to have seen the sad and awesome ghost of Janet, wandering pathetically among the ruins on the anniversary of her death.

I will clear up this mystery for you further down the page.


The true version:

Janet had gone to the bedroom carrying the remains of the wedding-cake. I have the transcript of the conversations which took place in the chamber:

Janet; ‘Mmm, yummy, I love wedding cake.’

David; ‘Don’t be greedy, give me a piece.’

Archibald, coming from beneath the bed; ‘I want a piece, too.’

Sir Walter, appearing from a closet; ‘Give me a piece also, Janet.’

Janet; ‘Thanks for coming to my wedding, Sir Walter.’

Old Nick, the coachman came down the chimney; ‘I want a piece of the action, as well.’ he said.

Janet; ‘Trust you Nick, to stick your nose in.’ said Janet.

Another figure covered in flour came from a window;

‘And who the heck are you?’ everyone screamed out.

‘I’m the Gregg the master baker, I made the damn cake.’ he said.

A rain of rock solid icing rained down on the poor baker’s skull:

‘Your cake was rotten they all screamed.’

When the door was eventually opened the baker was found dead. They were all found guilty of murdering the baker for his dough.

Joe Sharp.

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