Paddy’s Pancakes.

New Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridges.

Seven Stories Children’s Literature Centre.

Well worth a visit by Motorhome. Lots for the kids to do.

The New Tyne Bridge during construction.

Reverse side of Postcard;

Dear P. (Paddy).

Just a PC,
I got Nellie’s letter OK.
What do you think of the bridge. It’s over
190 Feet Hight. I will write on the Week End.
Still going Strong, Frank.

Note: Frank is tempting his brother’s taste-buds; Showing on the back of the card, the ‘hight’ of the pancakes in Newcastle.

Two members of the public were sitting in a pub supping ‘Nookie Broons.’

‘Josie, Josie, is it true that the Toon’s famous for its big, fat, thick, tasty, pancakes?’ asked Francie.

‘Aye, it’s true, Josie,’ said Francie, the Toon’s famous for its big, fat, thick, tasty, pancakes,’ Francie answered. ‘At one time they even thought aboot buildin’ their big, fat, thick, tasty, bridge wi’ them tae. Dae ye know whit I mean, Francie?’ asked Josie.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ said Francie. ‘That’s a good yin, Josie,’ laughed Francie. ‘A big, fat, thick, tasty pancake bridge, Josie. That’s pure dead brilliant, Josie, pure dead brilliant, Josie,’ said Francie.

Joe Sharp.

For the adventures of Francie and Josie, click here.

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