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Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.

On the 7th of August, 1548, Mary, Queen of Scots, at five years of age, sailed down the Clyde estuary from Dumbarton Castle to France with the French fleet. Also with her were her guardians, the Lords Erskine and Livingston, her nurse Jean Sinclair, her governess Lady Mary Fleming, the other three Marys, Ladies; Seton, Livingston and Beaton, three of her half-brothers and other children of the Scottish nobility.

Six days later the fleet arrived at Roscoff in France.

Mary was born at Linlithgow Palace, on the 8th December 1542. The news of her birth was greeted by her father’s prophetic words below;

Edinburgh Castle.

The Prophecy.

“It cam’ wi’ ane lass, an’ it’ll pass wi’ ane lass.”

These were the words o’ her faither King James

On hearin’ the news o’ the birth at the Palace

He laid doon an’ deid, haundin’ Mary o’er the reigns

At nine months o’ age, Mary is Queen

Securely strapped intae her wee baby seat

Wi’ rings on her fingers, a sight tae be seen

Suckin’ awa’ merrily on her Royal dummy teat

There were battles a’ ragin’ a’ roon’ aboot

In Kelso, an’ Jedburgh, King Henry did loot

When the wee Queen was four, there was an enquiry

An’ for safety took Mary tae Inchmahome Priory

Wi’ loads o’ disorder, at Dunbar on the border

The English were causin’ a whole lot o’ hassle

King Henri o’ France, then geid oot an order

“We’ll be there, send Mary doon tae Dumbarton Castle.”

On the 29th July 1565, Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Henry Darnley, were married in the chapel of Holyrood Palace.

Mary, aged thirteen, with Francois, at the French Court.

The Scottish Parliament.

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