Morar Monster by Motorhome


Mallaig Harbour.


Loch Morar.

Loch Morar is the deepest freshwater loch in Britain, deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. Loch Morar is seperated from the Atlantic’s waters by a fast flowing river only nine hundred feet long. The river Morar is surely one of the shortest rivers in Scotland.

Two men were fishing from a dinghy on Loch Morar. There was a loud splashing in the water behind them. They turned to see a large creature surfacing. It had three large humps on its back and a snake like head. It was around thirty feet long with a brown scaly skin. The monster lunged toward the men in the boat. The disturbance of the water caused by the creature toppled the two into the bottom of their dinghy.

‘Morag’ then slipped back down to the depths below. The two men soon regained their composure;

‘Josie, whit the heck wis that, wis it yin o’ yon Polaris submarines, Josie?’ asked Francie.

‘Aw, Francie, this isnae the time for me tae be gein’ ye anither yin o’ yer prehistoric history lessons. An’ any way, submarines don’t go ‘Grr’ Francie,’ said Josie.

‘Did it go ‘Grr’ Josie, did it go ‘Grr’ Josie?’ asked Francie.

‘Sure, it went ‘Grr’ Francie, that’s whit big scary monsters dae, they go ‘Grr,’ said Josie. ‘Jist pick up a blinkin’ paddle and let’s skeedaddle aff this Loch before the damn thing comes back. We’ll have a couple o’ haufs o’ whisky back at the Motorhome, tae settle us doon,’ said Josie.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie, a couple o’ haufs o’ whisky, Josie, that’ll dae the trick, Josie,’ said Francie.


The Silver Sands of Morar.

Joe Sharp

You may enjoy reading the adventures of Francie and Josie.

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