Girvan by Motorhome

Girvan Harbour

Girvan is a lovely Ayrshire town with a wonderful sandy beach

Ailsa Craig with PS Waverley just visible

Motorhomers can enjoy this view of the biggest curling stone in the world. I have only these few words of caution for tourist gallivanting around this neck of the woods. Beware the beasts of Bennane Cave. If you are looking for bed and breakfast around here avoid Mr and Mrs Beane’s place. They don’t do bed but they’ll have you for breakfast.

The Ballad of Sawney Beane

Go ye not by Gallowa’
Come bide a while my frein
I’ll tell ye o’ the dangers there
Beware o’ Sawney Beane

There’s naebody kens that he bides there
For his face is seldom seen
But tae meet his eye is tae meet yer fate
At the hands o’ Sawney Beane

For Sawney he has taen a wife
He’s hungry bairns tae wean
He’s raised them up on the flesh o’ men
In the cave of Sawney Beane

Sawney has been well endowed
Wi daughters young and lean
They a’ hae taen their faither’s seed
In the cave o’ Sawney Beane

Sawney’s sons are young an’ strong
Their blades are sharp and keen
Tae spill the blood o’ travellers
Wha meet wi’ Sawney Beane

So if you ride frae there tae here
Be ye wary in between
They’ll catch yer horse and spill yer blood
In the cave o’ Sawney Beane

They’ll hing ye up an’ cut yer throat
They’ll pick yer carcass clean
They’ll yase yer banes tae quiet the weans
In the cave o’ Sawney Beane

But fear ye not oor Captain rides
On an errand o’ the Queen
He carries the writ of fire and sword
For the head o’ Sawney Beane

They’ve hung them high in Edinburgh toon
Likewise a’ their kin
The wind blaws cauld on a’ their banes
Tae hell they a’ hae gaen

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you

Joe Sharp

Perhaps you would enjoy reading the adventures of Francie and Josie.

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