Glenfinnan by Motorhome


Glen Coe

Sir William Wallace 1272-1305 was a Scottish knight. He led a resistance during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Remembered in Scotland as a patriot and national hero, he defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, and became Guardian of Scotland until his defeat at Falkirk. King Edward I of England had him executed for treason.


Glen Affric



Glenfinnan Viaduct forms part of the West Highland Railway. Built entirely of concrete the Viaduct consists of 21 arches, and has played a starring role in many films, having featured in three Harry Potter movies.

The Motorhomers had ventured into Glenfinnan, hell-bent on setting up an ambush to trap Longshanks and his troops.

Josie had a plan;

‘OK, Francie, we’ll see Lonshanks an’ his red-coats crossing the viaduct,’ he said.

‘Sure, Josie, sure Josie,’ said Francie.

‘We’ll wait until they’re hauf way up the burn, Francie, an’ we start rolling the boulders, then you shout; ‘Longshanks is a big Jessie,’ said Josie.

‘Sure, Josie, sure Josie,’ said Francie.

‘OK, Francie, here they come,’ called Josie. ‘Start rolling the boulders, Francie,’

‘Sure, Josie, sure Josie,’ called Francie, and the two lads began pushing the boulders.

Shout, Francie, shout, Francie,’ yelled Josie.

Francie yelled as loudly as he could;

‘Francie,’ he yelled.

‘Naw, ye wee eejit, shout….. Longshanks is a big Jessie,’….. called Josie, in dismay.

‘Aw, right, Josie, right, Josie,’ called Francie. ‘Longshanks is a big Jessie,’ he screamed out.

‘Duhh! They’ve seen us Francie, run like fury back tae the Motorhome,’ Josie called out loudly.

‘Sure, Josie, sure, Josie,’ called Francie, and the pair took to their heels across the heather-covered moorland.

Joe Sharp

Perhaps you would enjoy reading the adventures of Francie and Josie.

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