Freedom by Motorhome

Grace O’Malley, Pirate Queen

Learn of her dealings with Elizabeth the first of England.

“There came to me also a most feminine sea-captain called Grany Imallye

With three galleys and 200 fighting men

She brought her husband for she was as well by sea as by land well more than Mrs. Mate with him …

This was a notorious woman in all the coasts of Ireland.”

Sir Henry Sidney.

The Pardon

Grace was arrested and dispatched to Dublin jail

Where countless souls before her had perished on the floor

For some unknown reason she was allowed to set her sail

To plunder Spanish vessels, but English ships no more

She continued with her plundering until 1587

When standing on the gallows with a rope around her throat

A reprieve arrived from Lizzie as the hour approached eleven

Saying, ‘Grace O’Malley I pardon you now go and put on you coat.’

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