The Cheapest Motorhome Hire Rates in the UK?

Motorhome City is a network of privately owned motorhomes and campervans, made available for hire and rental by their owners. All are taxed, insured, have current gas safety certificates and safety equipment and are well looked after by their owners who use them during the year for their own personal use.

As motorhomes and campervans are all different - different layouts, different ages, different equipment levels and importantly, they all cost their owners differing amounts of money, we place them into 4 seperate rate bands for hire purposes.

Our classification system is simple and is issued as a guide to owners who will decide their own motorhome classification:

Class A: Motorhomes and Campervans up to 3 years of age and valued in excess of £25,000
Class B: Motorhomes and Campervans between 3 - 6 years of age and valued in excess of £18,000
Class C: Motorhomes and Campervans between 6 - 9 years of age and valued in excess of £10,000
Class D: Motorhomes and Campervans over 9 years of age and valued under £10,000.

As an example of how cheap some of our rates are, a 2 berth motorhome (class D) in the low season will cost just £270 per week or £39 per day, and 6 berth motorhomes at this time of year start at £350 per week or £50 per day.

We must keep an eye on motorhome hire charges in general and we firmly believe that we may offer the cheapest hire rates in the UK for some of our vehicles. We have not seen any motorhomes for hire that are cheaper than this.

Hire rates for peak seasons are more relevant to the majority of people looking to hire a motorhome for travel in the summer months. During our peak summer season, the hire price for a 2 berth motorhome start at £438 per week or £63 per day (class D), and for a 6 berth motorhome or campervan, prices start at £584 per week or £84 per day (again for class D). This works out at just £14 per person per day in high season!!!

You can view our Hire Rates at and if you wish to search out the bargains, use our advanced search facility at where you can search on classification, motorhome berths or geographicaly.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a top notch motorhome, a luxury motorhome or something special, then we have many that will easily fit into these categories. 

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