Tips for hiring or renting a motorhome, campervan or mobile home (1).

Are you thinking of hiring a motorhome or renting a campervan in 2010?

We have been hiring motorhomes (or campervans or mobile homes as some people call them) since 2005 and have hired motorhomes to roughly 90 - 100 couples and families per year, so we (My wife Anne and I) have built up a wealth of experience of what people should be looking for, when considering hiring a motorhome or campervan. We have now prepared a list, in no particular order, but should ALWAYS be considered before you hire a motorhome or campervan.

1. Bed Heights.
Most websites and adverts will state that a vehicle is 2, 4 or 6 berth, with say 3 double beds, but they generally do not state how high the beds are. In one of our hire motorhomes, the Autoquest 180, it has 3 double beds. Two of these beds are at ground level (the rear bed and the bed that is made up from the dining area), but the other double bed is situated above the cab, and is about 5 1/2′ (166cms) above the floor. Would you put a young child this high? We have another motorhome that has a fixed double bed at the rear. This bedded area is 4′ above the floor area and you have to get to this bed via a small pull-out ladder. Would this be suitable for kids, elderly or disabled people? You should always ask about the heights of beds, when making enquiries about motorhome hire or campervan rental.

2. Seatbelts
The big question for hirers and renters is - does the vehicle have enough seatbelts for the number of people travelling? 
Some 6 berth motorhomes only have seatbelts for 4 people and the same applies to 4 berth motorhomes and campervans. Always ask the hirer with regard to the provision of seatbelts, especially if you have more people travelling than the vehicle berths. There is the additional question regarding side seats and side-couches. There is a lot of information regarding the safety of passengers travelling in motorhomes and campervans with side seating. Please be aware that there are a lot of safety issues regarding this configuration of camper/motorhome and you should do a bit of research yourself, before hiring such a vehicle.

For some information on this topic, visit , , and more if you search for it. Companies will hire you a motorhome, but you will be the person driving it, and therefore responsible for the obeyance of UK Driving Legisaltion.

We operate and are flagging areas that you may not have considered when hiring a motorhome or campervan for your holidays.

Other tips will follow.

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