Christmas and New Year Breaks in a Motorhome or Campervan

Have you considered trying something slightly different this Christmas or New Year?

Have you considered hiring a motorhome, campervan or mobile home and travelling around the Country for a few days?

Motorhome City is a new way to hire a motorhome or campervan. We have a wide variety of privately owned motorhomes, campers and campervans, located throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Select from small 2 berth vans right up to 6 and 7 berth motorhomes and mobile homes.

Most motorhomes available for hire do not need to be camped in a campsite. They have internal gas heating and gas generated hot water, as well as double glazed windows and heavily insulated walls to keep out the cold. Type in “Wild Camping” into a search engine and find lots of places that other motorhomers and campervanners have parked up for an overnight stay. (Wild Camping means a place where you can stay overnight, that is not on a campsite, but usually somewhere remote).

The Motorhome City website is easy to use. Select a region of the UK and you will be presented with a list of motorhomes that are available to hire and rent in that region. You simply select a motorhome and you will be taken to that motorhome or campervan webpage. Have a look at it via 6 pictures, and read exactly what it has on offer.

At Christmas and New Year, our prices are at the bottom end of seasonal prices. We categorise our motorhomes and campers using a simple, 4 band classification system with A classified vans being newer models up to 3 years of age, B classified models are between 3 and 6 years of age, C class campers are generally between 6 and 9 years of age and (you’re getting the picture now) D classifications are motorhomes and campervans that are over 9 years of age.

Prices are slightly more expensive for newer models, but you can grab a bargain with some of our C and D classified motorhomes.

So if you are considering something slightly different this Christmas or New Year, consider hiring a motorhome or renting a campervan, and do a bit of sight-seeing when the crowds are gone and you are the only person there. Head for new towns and villages and take in their atmosphere. Try new pubs and restaurants that you come across on your travels. Head for the wilds and experience the great outdoors with a comfortable motorhome to return to.

Have a look at our motorhomes, campervans and mobile homes that are available for hire or rent all over the UK. Visit You might just find something that is just that wee bit different.

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