Motorhome Hire for Glastonbury 2011

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Hiring a motorhome for any of the many Music Festivals held around the UK is becoming more and more popular.

In 2009, almost every motorhome available for hire in the UK was hired for the sole purpose of going to Glastonbury in June. Many people left it to the last minute and were unable to hire any kind of motorhome or camper.

Motorhome City is a great place to start looking for both motorhome hires and campervan rentals.

We have a wide variety to choose from, and because most motorhomes and campers are privately owned, they are located in every region of the UK. Motorhomes come in a variety of layouts, with fixed bed arrangements, couches that become beds and fixed over-cab beds. Almost all of the motorhomes and campers will operate on their own without hook-up to mains electricity. Gas will power the heating, cooking and hot water facilities, while battery power will operate the internal lighting. Most will have toilets and shower rooms onboard, so all of your basic needs are covered. In addition, you have a sturdy and dry place to sleep and do not have to worry about heavy rain or those peculiar individuals who think it is a great idea to jump on peoples tents for a laugh……

Motorhome City prices are pegged at 2009 prices. Unfortunately we have to charge a supplement of 20% for all music festivals and other large events (grand prix, horse racing etc) due to the increased liklihood of damage to the motorhomes, not the fault of the customer, but due to event organisers squeezing so many units into a limited areas. Some companies will charge a premium of between 50 - 100% extra for Glastonbury, so watch out for any hidden charges when you are shopping around.

You can hire a 2 berth motorhome (C classification) from £85 per day or a 6 berth (C classification) from £111 per day (this is the equivalent of £15.85 per person per day). The top price for a modern (A classification) is £128.50 per day (or £18.36 per person per day). This can work out cheaper that a group of people buying a large tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment etc, although you may still need your wellies for getting around.

All of our prices include comprehensive hire insurance for the motorhome, and two drivers are permitted on the policy. We do not have any hidden charges, and any extras supplied with the motorhome will be outlined on that motorhome’s full webpage. 

Visit and see for yourself our wide choice of motorhomes and campervans all available for hire or rent in June 2010, especially for Glastonbury.

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