Why hire a motorhome ?

There are 3 very good reasons why you would hire a motorhome when visiting the UK.

1. Freedom

Hiring a motorhome offer you freedom to explore your Country of choice, be it England, Scotland, Wales, or the whole of Ireland. Motorhome hire allows you to choose where you wish to travel and stop anywhere you like along the way. Visit all of the main tourist destinations in your motorhome, or travel along the “B” routes and open up whole new experiences as you go.

There’s no rush when you hire a holiday motorhome, you can go at your own pace; Some people plan their travels to strict timetables and routes, or others go where the wind blows them. Its up to you. We at Motorhome City only provide you with the tools. It is up to you how you use them. There are no intineries set or timescales to be followed. From the moment you begin your motorhome hire, until its time to drop it off, it is yours to travel in and go wherever you wish.

Wild Camping

Enter the keywords “Wild Camping (then the location or destination)” into Google, or any of the other search engines, and you will find a variety of places where others have stopped and “Wild Camped” overnight, with or without a motorhome - for no payment. Freedom is the choice to do as you wish, where ever and whenever you wish.

2. Choice

At Motorhome City, you can choose from a wide variety of motorhomes to suit your requirements. We have motorhomes available to hire from all over the UK, and no two motor homes are the same. They are all different in internal configurations, size, extras fitted, age, length, berths, mod-cons, characteristics and overall feel. Most of our motorhomes are privately owned, so they will have extras fitted or be kitted-out as the owner sees fit.

The Owners write their own description of their motorhome so you will see how they all vary; even similar models will be different. Read the owner’s motorhome description on each vehicle that we have available and decide if it is the model for you.

3. Affordability and Value

As all of our motorhomes are different to each other, we have devised a simple classification to differentiate between them. Newer models (up to 3 years of age) are “A” class, up to 6 years of age are “B”, “C” extends to 9 years of age, and “D” is everything over 9 years of age.

You will pay more when hiring a newer moterhome than an older model, and a wee bit more for additional features. As an example, in the peak months, you will pay £840 per week for an “A” class 4 berth motorhome (including all taxes and insurances). This equates to about £30 per person per day. Outwith the peak months, say in June, this is £24 per person per day. This reduces even further in say in May and September when the cost is £21 per person per day. Compare this to either Bed and Breakfast or Hotel prices and you will see the tremendous value in this type of holiday or vacation. In addition, you have a home on wheels that you can travel anywhere in. How good does it get?

I hope I have given you some food for thought.

If you are interested in Hiring a Motorhome or Campervan, visit http://www.motorhome-city.co.uk/motor-home-hire.htm for further details.

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