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Whether you are a private individual or a motorhome dealer, you can now sell your motorhome, campervan, camper or mobile home on Motorhome City completely FREE of charge during 2010.

Publish up to six of your favourite pictures, include as much information as you like and then just leave your advert up, completely free of charge, until your vehicle’s sold.

So if you want to sell you motorhome right now for FREE on the UK’s leading industry website, please click here and take a few moments to complete the online registration form.

Please note: Dealers are limited to 5 motorhomes each.


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When you login, you can choose from 4 buttons:

A. Edit: You can live edit all of your personal details here, and change your password.

B. View your Motorhome: You can edit information regarding your motorhome here.

C. Add a Motorhome: Add all details and pictures of your motorhome. The first picture selected/input will be the main picture displayed for your vehicle. When your motorhome is selected by a Buyer, then all details together with all six pictures will be displayed to them. You can use this button to add more motorhomes under your username and password. *Please note: Each picture uploaded must be under 1Mb in size.*

D. Logout. Always use this section of your control panel to log-out. 

Please note that any misuse of our free facility will automatically bar you from this website.

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