Motorhome City was designed and created with the sole purpose of making owners the highest possible income from the hire of your motorhome or campervan with no financial risk whatsoever.


We offer owners up to 80% of the net fee that hirers pay.


(From the remaining 20%, we provide full comprehensive motorhome hire insurance to protect your motorhome while it is out on hire (at £20 per day or £140 per week). We also use this commission to promote your motorhome through internet marketing and traditional media outlets, to attend trade shows to promote our owners vehicles, as well as the administration services detailed below. We offer a lot for our commission.


 This is the highest amount paid to motorhome owners in the UK for a full professional motorhome hire booking service.


A 6 berth motorhome* can earn up to £620 per week in high season.

A 4 berth motorhome* can earn up to £570 per week in high season. 


A 2 berth motorhome* can earn up to £510 per week in high season.


* These rates are for motorhomes and campervans that are categorised as "A Class" under our unique motorhome classification system. Owners of older motorhomes can also make excellent returns on their investment.


Click here to view our


Unique Motorhome Classification System


Owners Earning Table


We will provide the following service to owners:


  • We will provide you with a full webpage to display your motorhome or campervan, with up to 6 pictures of your vehicle, free text boxes where you record all of the high points and extras included with your ‘van' and where you can state any restrictions or rules that you may have. We will provide technical information for hirers such as weight, exterior measurements (required by ferry companies), bed sizes etc.


  • We will provide online enquiry and booking forms for your vehicle as well as telephone support.


  • You have your own calendar on your webpage, where you can "block out" dates when you are using your vehicle (or do not wish to make it available for hire) and all other dates will be shown as "available" and we will take hire bookings for these dates only. You are fully in control of your vehicles availability.


  • We will provide full instructions to owners regarding the hire of your motorhome or camper. We will advise you regarding the demonstration of your vehicle and the paperwork that has to be completed (A Contract of Hire document that is self-explanatory).


  • We will deal with all enquiries for your vehicle, whether by email or phone, deal with bookings and record all of the necessary information, process deposits and balance payments and importantly, deal with the collection and retention of Security Deposits to protect your investment.


  • We will always be in contact with owners to ensure that your vehicle was returned in a satisfactory manner, and will assist you to deal with any problems or damage encountered.


  • We will always ensure that the vehicle is restored to the condition that it went on hire either through the motorhome / campervan Comprehensive Insurance Policy or through the substantial Security Deposit held for any particular hire period (please see below).


  • We will send you details about the hire and contact details forthe hirer. All you have to do is have your van ready for hire, take about 1 hour to show the hirer how to operate it during handover, and complete the Contract of Hire document.


  • Motorhome City is a modern, trustworthy, open and honest company to deal with and we display all of our rates to owners as well as the payments by hirers on this website. We believe that we offer the best and  most professional service to motorhome and campervan owners and welcome any comparison.


 We will fully make sure that you're Motorhome or Campervan is fully protected by two different methods:


Firstly:  We provide Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Hire Insurance, from a leading UK Company while it is out on hire to other people. The excess on the insurance (i.e. the amount that the hirer has to pay for any damage or accident) is set at £500.

Secondly:  We will always obtain a Security Deposit (over and above the hire payment) prior to your motorhome going on hire. We will always take a deposit of £750 for every booking - not a credit card swipe, but by cleared funds into our Security Deposit account.

By holding a Hirers security deposit of £750, and with an Insurance Excess of only £500, we can FULLY PROTECT your motorhome or campervan while it is out on hire.

We have been operating this security deposit system since 2005 and NO OWNER has suffered any financial loss to their vehicle and EVERY owner has made substantial accumulations to their bank account.

We know that these measures fully protect owners of Motorhomes and Campervans from financial loss, and that Security Deposits held by cash will additionally make hirers respect the vehicles travelled in - or their money is at risk.


You decide when it is available for hire.
You decide what rules to apply to the hire.
You decide if pets can travel
You decide your own rules.
You decide bedding charges.
You decide the charges for extras
You decide if you will provide a pick-up service.

You are in full control of your motorhome or campervan at all times.


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If you have any questions regarding Earn from your Motorhome, simply phone us on 0845 527 3572 or send us an email at [email protected].


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