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Charlie Cairns’ UK Motorhome blog is aimed at motorhome enthusiasts, those looking to invest in a motorhome or to sell their existing one, those wishing to rent a motorhome and those wishing to make some extra income by letting their motorhome.

Charlie will include tips and advice on what to look for when buying or hiring a motorhome, comparisons, available motorhomes, customer photos, competitions and as with most personal blogs, comments on relevant industry news and current affairs.

Charlie will endeavor to answer questions and comments from any visitors that take the time to leave a comment on a blog item, or that email him a question on [email protected] .

The Motorhome Blog will be updated regularly, as time allows, and an RSS feed to the blog is available here.

If you would like to find out when Charlie has something new to say on his blog, then copy the following link into your news aggregator or click the links further down on the page:


The personal opinions that appear on this Motorhome blog feature those of a hard-working professional, who works in the Motorhome industry, assisting clients throughout Scotland, the UK, Europe and the USA.

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