Motorhome City is the Best in the Business!


Since 2005 we have, modesty aside, been nationally recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on Motorhome Hire.


Whether you want to Hire or Earn, our dedicated team can guide you through the process step by step, providing reliable and useful advice, ensuring you avoid some of the usual mistakes and the many pitfalls.


Unlike many competitors, we understand every aspect of the business inside and out, and everything we do is designed to provide Hirers and Owners with the best possible experience.


No issue is too large or too small and our in-house team of honest and trustworthy professionals provides quick and simple solutions to any issue faced.


We recommend only the safest and most reliable motorhomes available and we NEVER offer vehicles in poor condition or disrepair.


All our partners adhere to a strict Customer Service Charter that guarantees satisfaction…


High Quality     - All vehicles are provided spotlessly clean and ready to go.


Reliability          - All vehicle hires are completed on-time every time.


Honesty            - All investments are made with no hidden extras.


Protection        - All vehicles have comprehensive hire insurance with a leading UK Company.


Legal                  - All laws and statutory regulations are complied with.


Guarantee        - Customer satisfaction is a priority at all times.


So if you’ve read enough to fully appreciate why you should only consider Motorhome City, no matter what your requirements are, check out our comprehensive database of motorhomes and campers or call now on 0845 527 3572.




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