Tasty Soda Scones.

Faskally Caravan Park.

The River Tay, at Perth.

The Queen’s View, Loch Tummel.

The stunning view across Loch Tummel to the mountain Schiehallion is one of the most famous is Scotland. The viewpoint commemorates Mary Queen of Scots.

In 1866, John Brown, Queen Victoria’s manservant and confidante, chaperoned the Queen on a sightseeing trip from Dunkeld, stopping at Loch Tay for lunch.

After lunch they carried on with their journey, crossing the moorland below the mountain of Sheihallion and changed the horses at Tummel Bridge.

At the ‘The Queen’s View,’ they stopped for a cup of tea. Brown was messing about with a primus stove, when Mrs McPhail, a woman from a cottage nearby approached;

‘Stop trying to get that contraption working, Brown, you’ll blow us all to smithereens, man. Come ben the hoose and have some tea. You and your lassie can sample some of my tasty soda scones,’ she said.

Victoria admired the beautiful scenery and thanked Mrs McPhail for her hospitality. She also thanked Brown for taking her there, saying;

‘I would like to name this spot ‘The Queen’s View,’ Mr Brown.

Brown responded saying;

‘Och, you’re far too late for that, lassie, Mary Queen of Scots has already claimed that honour. Drink up your tea, lassie, and let’s get back to Dunkeld before darkness falls, and wrap that tartan rug around your haunches. I don’t want you catching your death of cold, lassie.’

Joe Sharp.

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