Vehicle Categorisation:

As there are thousands of different motorhomes and campervans available for hire, there is also a vast difference between them.

In order to provide a fair system to both owners and hirers, we have divided all motorhomes and campervans into a categorisation system of 4 Bands (A-D) that will be determined by the age of the motorhome or campervan. This will provide a transparent guide to Hirers regarding age of the vehicle hired.


A: Vehicle aged between      0 - 4 years.

B: Vehicle aged between      5 – 8 years

C: Vehicle aged between      9 – 12 years

D: All vehicles                         over 13 years of age.


All vehicle classifications will last for a full operating Season (April – October).  Bookings are usually taken months in advance and to change vehicle categories during a season would be extremely difficult.