Millau Viaduct by Motorhome


The Millau Viaduct.

The Viaduct is the tallest vehicle bridge in the world. It lies within the Grands Causses regional natural park. There are a number of options available for a visit to the bridge.

Crossing it is an option but not worth doing unless your journey warrants it. You don’t get much of a view because of the barriers and you are not allowed to stop on the bridge. It would be better to park your Motorhome in the town centre and take the tourist bus from the Tourist Information Office. This will enable you to get the best possible views and photo opportunities.

Or visit the information site on the north side of the bridge and walk up to a viewing point high above the bridge itself where you can get some spectacular photos.



Since the construction of the Viaduct, Millau has become a much more popular place to visit. It is a pretty little town nestled down in a valley with steep cliffs and impressive rock outcrops on all sides. There are many good restaurants to choose from and plenty of cafes and bars. For shopacholics there are some good boutiques and specialist shops to visit.


Another view of Millau Viaduct.

Joe Sharp.

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