Motorhome Hire Classifications.

As we offer a wide range of motorhomes and campervans available for hire, we provide a Classification System that allows a distinction in price. We do this by categorising all vehicles into a 4 band pricing system (A - D), based on the age and aproximate value of the vehicle.

Each decrease in classification will result in aproximately a 10% decrease in the Hire Cost (e.g. "D" classification motorhome will be available to hire at roughly 30% less cost than a similar "A" classification model).


Category Age (years) Current Value Condition
A 0-4 Over £25,000 Good-Excellent
B 5-8 Over £18,000 Good-Excellent
C 9-12 Over £10,000 Medium-Good
D Over 12 Less than £10,000 See Motorhome Details



Older motorhomes will always be maintained to the same high standards as newer models, but their interior fabrics and electronic display panels may look slightly older (more brown themes going on with vehicles aged over 10 years), rather than the creams and subtle colours that are in vogue at present. Trends vary by season, and who knows, browns may be back in fashion soon! All motorhomes and campervans will be fully servicable and functional.

All motorhomes are subject to the same rigerous conditions and all will possess a current MOT, Road Tax, have all required motorhome Safety Certificates, and in addition through Motorhome City, all vehicles will have fully comprehensive motorhome insurance and UK vehicle breakdown cover.