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Holiday to Lesmahagow in Autoquest 180 Lesmahagow, Sep 2011
Autoquest 180
Countries Visited: Scotland

Day 1 We live in Scotland, and love its "wild" West Coast. We travelled to Oban to enjoy the first day, and travelled to Seil Island - just off the tourist trail and a Hidden Gem of a place... This is a real Island that you can drive to, over the "Atlantic Bridge" that actually spans the Atlantic Sea - only by a few metres/yards however, but the river that runs under it is the sea with seawater, tides and lots of seaweed. We travel to Easdale where there is overnight camping at around 5 per night. No facilities apart from the spectacular views. There is a public toilet about 50m away and is adequete (with hot water). Visit the pub/restaurant, and have your meal out the back (if weather permits), over the old Slate Quarries that are now open to the sea.. Simply stunning, and there is nowhere like it on this Earth. Its a majical place, Seil Island, just off the main road that heads down to the Mull of Kintyre. You can take a boat trip to the Coryveckan, the 2nd largest Whirlpool in the world, but at a cost of 15 per person - check if the whirlpool will be visable, as it is tidal and is mainly visible twice a day (one of these may be at night)...Day 2 Travelled to Skye: Been there many times, but I have to record a very special place. Elgol, on Skye, is probably the most stunning and beautiful place on the planet, certainly the best in the UK. It is down a mostly single track road from Broadford (with plenty of passing places), round Lock Slapin, through the hills and glents and then you arrive there. It is a community, spreak over o few miles, situated high above Loch Slapin. From here you command Majestic views over the Sea Loch to the Black Cuillins who are foreboding, menacing, and sweep right down to the sea. Its like a Norwegion Fjoird, except they open out to the Atlantic Ocean, Face West, and have surreal sunsets. When you stand anywhere in Elgol for a few minutes, the seasons change before your eyes, as the panoramic vista extends out into the Atlantic, beyong the Islands of Soay to Rum and Canna and beyond the North Coast of Ireland, so you are looking out on 3,000 miles of water - all into the West, and every sunset is completly different to the last. There are great walks in this area, that will take you close to the Cuillan, and in the evening, ask a local where the party is, as there are no pubs - but there is always something going down, somewhere nearbye... There is some Wild Camping available, but it is best to stop and speak with a local, to get an idea where you can camp for the night. This is a small community and they get lots of visitors, but speak to anyone, the guy at the tea-room, the fishermen at the pier, and you will soon find a quiet spot to park up for the night, in a stunning, stunning location.

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The Camplace behind the Easdale Museum/Giftshop. You pay the Owner the rates displayed for season (between 5 - 8 per night) and it is worth every pound...

In addition he has a small golf course tom play, and there is another REAL golf course on the Island about 3 miles away.
Places of Interest
Seil, Island offers boat trips to the Worlds 2nd Largest Whirlpool, only on the day we visited (afetr paying 23, we were informed that the tide was out, and all we saw was a few ripples in the Sea.

Advice: Check times for Whirlpool Activity, and sort out your journey to Maximum Effect.

Debra HorneLove the sunset pics Charlie, and the one of Anne & Joe, looks a beautiful place.
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